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JT Foxx Wealth Workout 2.0

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What you will learn

  • How to be more profitable
  • How to be the most perseverant person you know
  • Laser like focus
  • How to pay attention to the details more
  • How to have maximum confidence
  • How to be more powerful
  • How to remain calm in times of chaos and drama
  • Cost cutting strategies
  • How to do more with less employees
  • How to make your first million with one employee
  • How to make an assistant thank you
  • How to find your own Francie “Leader of the Brokebirds”
  • How to be more positive
  • How to make others be more positive
  • Features vs Benefits: Marketer/Sales/Negotiation Master
  • How to be a paranoid optimist like JT Foxx
  • How to get into the zone the JT Foxx way
  • CUT CUT GROW Strategy
  • How to set targets and hit them
  • How to live a life with ZERO excuses
  • How to think like JT Foxx
  • How to be the #1 in your field industry, like JT Foxx would do
  • How to come with great interview questions like JT Foxx does
  • How to simplify everything rather than complicate everything
  • How to do the napkin close